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On Two-Dimensional Compressible MHD Equations with Vacuum
作者:    时间:2018-08-08 浏览次数:


报告人:   施小丁教授

单  位:  北京化工大学

讲学时间: 2018年8月9日上午:10:00-11:00

讲学地点: 数学院一楼报告厅

拟参加人员: 相关教师和相关专业研究生

摘 要: In this talk, we consider the Cauchy problem of partial differential equations for viscous barotropic compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows in two or three spatial

dimensions with vacuum as far field density. For two spatial dimensions, when the

smooth initial data are of small total energy, we establish the global existence and

uniqueness of strong solutions (which may be of possibly large oscillations). The

key tool is some new a priori decay rates (in large time) for the pressure and the

spatial gradients of both the velocity field and the magnetic field. Moreover, for

three spatial dimensions case, some decay rates (in large time) are also obtained

for the global strong solutions.